Holiday Festivities!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Wow! What an amazing holiday season we have had! We did not feel comfortable traveling with Mia yet, so our families all came to us this year. Our families were so flexible and made it a very special time. We have big plans for 2010. God is doing so much in both of our lives and we can't wait to see the outcome. We pray everyone has a great 2010!
Dressed for Playgroup Christmas Party

Playgroup Friends. Yes, that is Mia laying across the middle. Don't ask!

Mia and Santa...first meeting went well!

Christmas picture with Richard's family.

Cousin Bennett in her festive antlers. She was very excited to wear them, can't you tell???

Mia and Cason. The cousins all has so much fun together. Mia was sad to see them go home.

Girls only brunch at Neiman Marcus - Zodiac room. Such a special treat from my Mom! Mia and I are sharing a donut from the dessert plate.

Mia and Bennett playing a duet on Bennett's new piano.

Mia new ride! Ignore the large amounts of drool on her shirt. Teething!!!

New Years Day park trip.


  1. How is it possible for that many friends to have that many babies?!? Lol. Wow.

    Cute as always.

  2. That picture of all the babies is very funny!! I love the last picture of Mia in the swing. Glad you had a great Christmas!

  3. I know you said don't ask but I REALLY need to know, why is Mia laying down across the babies?!?

    I can't wait for my next chance to lunch!

  4. Jenn, those pics are awesome! All of them . . . I swear in just a few weeks Mia's hair has grown sooo much! Was she wearing a hat last time I saw her, I cannot remember. We were so glad to celebrate Mia's first Christmastime with her, look forward to things calming down soon and playing a lot!

  5. For whatever reason, this post brought tears to my eyes!
    How can there be so many babies - all the same size - together on a couch?!?! May 2010 be FILLED with
    peace, joy, and love that is BEYOND measure! I LOVE you all, dearly!


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