8 Months Old!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Miss Mia is 8 months old!

Time has gone by so quickly and watching her grow up is bittersweet. Only a few months ago she was a tiny baby that could do nothing for her herself and now she gets more independent every day. I know my role in her life is to shape her heart and teach her independence, but a part of me wants her to curl up in my lap forever!

What is Mia up to at 8 months:
- She is still a huge sleeper! She sleeps 12 hours at night and takes 3 1.5 naps each day.
- She now naps in her bed upstairs. (a huge step for Richard and I!) Mia didn't mind at all.
- She sits up perfectly and loves to stand up. She thinks I am her personal prop all day.
- Now that she stands up all day, she will not lay down on her back or tummy. She is not at all interested in crawling. I don't want her to skip this, so advice is welcome!
- Her favorite toys are still her organic wooden toys. Her plastic musical toys entertain her for a little while, but she always goes back to the classics.
- She is in a phase where she loves children. She wants them to talk to her and everything out of their mouths is so funny to her. It makes me imagine how much she would have loved her big sister...
- Mia loves to dance with her Mom and Dad. She smiles so big when the 3 of us are dancing together.
- She is still talking up a storm, but the vocabulary hasn't really expanded. She says dada for everything and throws in ya-ya and tss (t and s combined with her 1 front tooth).
- She only weighs 16 pounds, but is a great eater.
- She loves to try whatever I am eating and trusts that if I want her to eat it, then it must be good. She doesn't eat much, but really seems to love it.
- She has mastered feeding herself and her sippy cup. It is so great to watch her eat her snacks and take a drink when she is thirsty all by herself.
- Her favorite past time is still watch Praise Baby. She watches it every morning before her nap and is not happy with any other activity that we try to substitute. (note picture above in her special "Praise Baby Chair)
Your parents love you so much. You are such a gift and a blessing to us. God picked out everything special thing about you and we think he did an amazing job! We can't wait to see what He has in store for you! Happy 8 months baby girl!

Love, Mom and Dad


  1. Mia is getting so big. She is beautiful!!!
    Abigail just wants to sit all day long and also has no desire to crawl. She does not think she needs to move because her big sister brings her everything.

  2. For crawling: Try getting her to go through/under chairs or one of those nylon tunnel things....a game, of sorts. You can also get her one of those play house/kitchen toys where they have to crawl through the door to go in... I wouldn't worry too much. Eli only crawled for 2 weeks and then was on to standing, cruising, and walking. Once they can walk, they can always go backwards!

  3. Happy 8 months! Hooray for her napping in her bed and I know that was huge for you guys!

  4. Oh my gosh, I cannot believe that picture of her standing - that is so awesome and strong! She is so precious and sweet, I just want to kiss those cheeks! I know how so bittersweet it is each new step of independence . . . I dont even realize and go through a stage or mourning it and then celebration each new big step. Advice on crawling -encourage her (I'll show you somethings Anna taught me) but don't worry because you cannot control how it happens. Happy 2/3 birthday Baby Mia!

  5. She is beautiful...I know yall are having the time of your life...God bless you all...enjoy every minute ...lots of love Robin


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