"Green" Tea Sprinkle

Sunday, May 3, 2009

My sweet friends threw me a "green" tea sprinkle last weekend and it was such a special day! They sprinkled me with organic baby gifts and diapers as well making the most delicious treats to enjoy. Thank you to all of the ladies that put this together. It was a really special afternoon and I enjoyed getting to spend some quality time with each of you. All of you ladies are such a blessing in my life and your love over the last year has meant more to me than I could ever express. Thank you so much for a great day!

Here is a pic of the beautiful hostesses. There were 10 of them! Everything was decorated so bright and fun, just like I would like it!

The most special gift was a box of prayers and devotionals. Jamie worked to coordinate so that we would have one to read for the entire first year of Mia's life. Each person that contributed (I think there were more than 80 people) has also promised to pray for Richard and I over a set time period. The box is now sitting on my nightstand and Richard and I can't wait to read them over Mia each night. It is the most special gift!
Here is a link to more sprinkle pics. The password is blueberry.
We have 3+ weeks to go and we can't wait. We have finally started prepping the room and baby gear. Better late than never! We will know on Tuesday a more official date/time. Please continue to pray for health and peace as we embark on this new journey.
Love and Blessings!


  1. that is such a special gift! and it looks like a great party, you are surely blessed.

    wow 3 weeks.... very close, how exciting!

  2. It was a very special day celebrating you and Mia. Let me know what the doctor says today! Love, j

  3. What a special time and what a great gift you got, that box of devotions. Curious to know what diapers you got on your step towards a greener life. Cloth, typical diapers or seventh generation?

  4. I loved the pictures from your shower. Deep down I think I am having a girl. We will see in less than 6 weeks (hopefully sooner!)


  5. that is such an awesome gift. i can't wait to look at the other pictures!


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