Richard's Birthday

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Richard!

Monday was Richard's 29th birthday. We had a great dinner with friends and Richard was pretty excited about his surprise. The gift may not seem practical with a baby coming very soon, but Richard works so hard and I thought he deserved a fun toy for it. He won't play too much, right Richard??? Here are some pictures...sorry the quality is low, these were taken with phone.

In other news...things are moving along great with the pregnancy. Only 5 weeks to go! The baby is healthy and growing big. She is already measuring a week and a half bigger than she is supposed to! I will probably have another c-section the last week in May. Pray that I might go into labor before then and have a chance for a normal delivery.
The name we decided on is Mia Claire. It means "my light" and "answered prayer." We can't wait to meet her! We have not done a nursery this time because it would have to be upstairs away from our Master bedroom. She will stay with us for awhile and then we will start nursery plans.
Richard also let me redo my office. YEAH! It has new floors and a fun paint color. I will post pictures as soon as we complete the finishing touches with curtains and art.


  1. Wow...only 5 more weeks! I bet you are so excited to meet her!!
    Cant wait to see pics of the new office!
    I will continue to pray for you 2 and sweet the name!

  2. I'm so excited!!! I can't wait to hold her!

  3. how exciting! i love the name beautiful!

  4. Happy Birthday to Richard and glad you had a fun celebration, and wow Jenn you are a good wife getting Richard his favorite toy!

    Beautiful meaning to Mia's name!

    Love, Jamie

  5. i love it -- lil mia! she is going to be so beautiful! happy birthday richard -- maybe mia will be magicaly rocked to sleep in your arms while your playing with your new toy!

  6. such cute pics!!! and i LOVE that name and the meaning. so awesome! we can't wait to meet that sweet little girl...we will continue praying for y'all!!! love ya!

  7. Yeah! You decided on a name! I love it and what a special meaning!

  8. What a lovely name!!!! Good luck with the last five weeks. Both of my babies sleep in a porta crib in our room until they were 5 months. I just wanted them with in arms reach and our master is downstairs too. I can honestly say that I was also a "guest" room sleeper for several weeks once they finally moved upstairs into their rooms. They have years and years to sleep away from you....keep her as close as you want.


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