A warm welcome to baby Cason!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Baby Cason Perry Hamlin entered this world a week ago on Friday. Richard and I got the amazing experience of keeping Bennett while my sister was in the hospital. He is the first boy on this side of our family and he has already won all of our hearts! Michelle was amazing too and it was such a blessing for me to be there with her. Last time we had babies at the same time and could only talk on the phone! Below are some pictures of our great weekend.

Handsome Cason looking at my Mom (Ya-Ya).
Michelle and her kidS! Bennett has done so well!

Ya-ya bought Bennett her own baby supplies so that she can take of her baby while Michelle takes care of Cason. She was so excited about it!

This is mini-pack and play. She was a little confused, but whatever makes her happy is fine with us!
This is what you think it is...
Time with Bennett is never boring and she always has us laughing. I know she can't wait to teach Cason everything she knows.
We love you Hamlins! Thanks for letting "Bob and Na-Na" be there for such a special time.


  1. Bennett is the funniest little thing. She makes me smile just thinking of her. Cason is a cuddle bug deluxe! He is so sweet. Great pictures, Richard!

  2. What great pictures!!
    What a blessing that you 2 were able to keep her for them..that must have taken a load off of her shoulders!!
    They are just adorable!!
    Hpe you are feeling good!!

  3. those are such great pictures! bennett is so cute and cason is just precious!!!


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