One Room Challenge - Week 1 - Master Bathroom

Thursday, May 7, 2020


The day has finally arrived! Today starts the official One Room Challenge. I am so excited to be a guest participant! We are going to be working on our Master Bathroom and I am titling the makeover "SAVE THE TRAVERTINE!"

Here is the back story...We put in this bathroom as part of a large renovation in 2008. At the time, dark wood and travertine were the next big things. To give this bathroom a modern feel, we added glass sinks and glass tile.  Let's take a look at the 2008 renovation.

Flash forward 12 years and the bathroom has grown tired. I started getting bids to update the tile and countertops, and it was not going to be as simple as that. It would require a completely new shower, new shower glass, new bathtub, removing the vanities. The volume of work and the price tag were hard to swallow. Twelve years may sound like a long time, but I assure it was a blink!

So then I started thinking...can I make this space feel new and fresh without a complete gut? So challenge accepted and here we go. Operation Save the Travertine is officially underway. Let's take a look at the plan!

The new space will still have the earthy tones, but they will feel more cohesive. The cabinetry will be refinished in two tones. Some are getting sanded down and bleached. Others are getting painted a warm white. The change I am most excited about is the new wallpaper. It brings the whole space together in a new way. 

I can't wait to take you along on this new adventure. Do you think I can "save the travertine" and still make the bathroom feel fresh? If you think I am can tell. I can take it!

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