How to not hate doing laundry

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

What is your relationship with laundry? Do you hate it, do you love it, have you made peace with it. I fall into "Made peace with it" camp.  I know for myself that if a project starts to feel huge, I tend to avoid it. I am a much better one bite at a time girl. This is how I approach my home projects and what I have found works best for tackling laundry too.

So are you ready to know the secret to taking the hassle out of laundry? It is to presort the loads. I have a 3 bin sorter in my closet. We sort by cold wash, warm wash, and hot wash. I also have a separate basked for delicates. The presort makes it so easy to see which bin is the fullest and knock out that load for the day. It saves using your entire living room to sort the laundry or worse, not sorting. If you wash everything unsorted, then the really dirty stuff doesn't get clean and the nice stuff gets worn out. IMHO. 

Here is a round up of great hamper options to get you started!

Now, if you would like more information on how to make laundry work better for you, you have to check out The Brain  and the Brawn. You will love her tips and the other organizational items she suggests.


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