I am 30!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Well, my youth is gone. I am a full adult now! I have always felt old beyond my years, so 30 fits me. I know my 30's are going to be wonderful and full of blessings and growth. Richard threw an amazing party with close friends and kiddos at Mattitos, my favorite mexican restaurant. We had a private building so the kids got to run wild. So much fun! Enjoy the pics...

The cake deserves first recognition. Caramel cake from celebrity bakery. It was as amazing as it looks!

Richard with his parents and sister.p

My two favorite people!

Mia with some of her be sties....Lainey and Bennett.

My college roommates and dearest friends and our girls.

Our best family friends. Sherry, Trey, and Chloe. Baby Jack skipped the party.

The wish for a great and Christ centered next 30 years! I know luck has nothing to do with it!

Cute Mia. Don't you just want to squeeze her in this picture. She is just so precious inside and out! She kept singing "happy to you, happy to you Mama" all week long. So sweet!

My sister and person...Michelle with Beau and Bennett. They have moved to Indiana the day after this picture. We miss them already, but our excited for them too.

Richard, thank you for a special evening. I love you!!!!


  1. Oh My! That cake is huge! Happy BirthdaY!

  2. love the photos, so sad to miss it:( the bottom pic of mia is just precious!!

  3. So fun, glad you started the year of the 30 off right for all the rest of us! Love you bunches and so glad got to celebrate most of your last decade with you on your b-day!


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