9 months old!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Mia is 9 months old already! Time is flying by...proved by the fact that I have not blogged in a month! My sweet girl turned 9 months old today. Everyday she seems less like a baby and more like a little girl. Her are some 9 months facts on Mia:

Weight 16.14 pounds (15%)

Height 27" (55%)

Head is >95th%! She has her Dad to thank for that!

Words: Mia is talking so much. She now knows who Dada is and is calling me Baba. ( I thought it was just "mama" with a cold...but the cold is gone and I am still Baba.) She is so proud of herself when she says it, that I don't have the heart to correct her. She says and waves bye bye too.

Movement: None! She still not interested in crawling or walking yet. We have found her in her crib up on her forearms and moving around...but she has not done it for us yet. She has a huge fear of getting injured (definitely got that from me) and it keeps her from trying very many new things. I think she will start moving soon enough and I am not complaining that I still have my sweet girl sitting still!

Food: Everything! Mia wants to eat whatever I eat. Spicy, sweet, hot, cold, she does not care as long as I am eating it with her. It is so fun to watch her try new things and I consider it such a blessing that she is not a picky eater yet. Her favorite dinner (besides Chik-fil-A) is salmon, brown rice, and peas. I don't think her Dad would eat that until he was 25!

Likes: Mia loves to dance, go for a drive, read peak-a-boo books, attend a party, take a bath, watch Praise Baby, laugh at her Dad, snuggle with her Mom, and make people smile.

Dislikes: Ear infections, runny noses (you can see that she has not felt well in her pictures below, she has little "cold" eyes), flu shots, bottles, and tummy time.

We think she has such a fun and sweet personality and are truly enjoying learning more about her everyday!

Here are some pics from our 9 month adventures:

Enjoying a valentine sucker. Don't worry, I was supervising very closely.

Play group Snow Day!

Mia, Camryn, Jake, and Marshall

Me, Casey, Kristen, and Amanda (and babies)

Mia and her Pony. She loves to love on her pony. She won't really ride it, but they are getting to know each other well. I expect her to want to ride any day now.

Mia dumping out her toy basket. Just a few seconds before this, she had her head in the basket and little legs sticking out. Her hair is still a little wild. She had her first trim this week to keep it out of her eyes.

Mia Claire, We love you very much. God made you so beautiful on the inside and out and we feel so blessed to get to be your parents. Everyday with you is an amazing adventure. God has us shaping your heart for great things, we just know it! Happy 9 months sweet girl!
Mom and Dad


  1. Awwwww! She's growing so fast! And I'm excited about seeing the before and after shots of the house! Yay for a fresh coat of paint!

  2. Praises for your family. God is Good! Mia is such a pretty baby. Enjoy enjoy!

  3. Love the new post and pictures! Love the pic of you two in the snow. Also, the whole section about moving just made me laugh!! Can't wait to see 9 month old Mia...how is she already 9 months old??? I just can't get over how fast time has gone!

  4. Great post, as always!!!
    She is just so beautiful!!
    Yeah for getting to paint the house! Cant wait to see pics!!

  5. I love her SO much!! Praise Jesus for Mia and for 9 wonderful months!! And yay for new house color...what a fun surprise!!

  6. Precious pics! Mia is so sweet and petite (I think Mia and Sawyer are the same weight!) Love you little Mia "Ella" Claire with all your babas in that raspy voice!

  7. I cannot believe she is 9 months!! She is a cutie!


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