Mia is 6 months old!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mia is 6 months old and we are overwhelmed with joy! She is just so precious and a true gift from God. We never take a single moment or smile forgranted.

6 month update:
Mia is still on the "petite" side, but we will know officially after her check up tomorrow. She is sitting up pretty good and starting to put weight on all four limbs instead of all belly. She hates rolling over on her own, but thinks it is a fun game to play with her parents. She still sleeps in our room, and I think it will be that way for a long time. Mia is doing good with eating new foods. We tried avocado this weekend and that did not go well though! She has curly hair and it is a little unruly!

Enjoy the 6 month pictures!

Play date with her good friend Lainey. Mia is fascinated by all of the older kids in her life.

Visit from Ya-Ya (my Mom). They had so much fun together!

Cruising around town in her sunglasses. She loves them and we just laugh the whole time she is wearing them.

6 month party weekend! Mia's Aunt Michelle and Cousins Cason and Bennett surprised us with a visit. We had so much fun!
Cason and Michelle
Lainey helping open packages

Chloe and Sherry enjoying a cupcake.

Mia enjoying a round of the Happy Birthday song. Don't worry, I didn't let her eat the cupcake!

Bennett and Chloe helping with packages.
Mia playing with her new Chloe doll.

Chloe and Mia
Uncle "Bob" trying to entertain all 3 kids at once. It is never dull when we all get together!


  1. Happy 6 month birthday Mia! Miss Betsy will help you with that curly hair when you get older, ok? Don't you worry! Love to you all :)

  2. Happy Birthday Mia! We need to have a play date, we haven't seen you in forever!

  3. You go girl! Happy B-day! You are so adorable and you make your parents so proud!

  4. You are such a pretty 1/2 birthday princess Mia Claire!

  5. She's looking more and more like her parents every time I see her! Wow. We really need to get Cason off of those body builder shakes. :)

  6. ADORABLE! I love the way you share your heart..love and praying mambo

  7. Happy WAY belated birthday, Mia! LOVE the new wallpaper on the site! We missed you last week... Will you be at playgroup this week?


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