2 Months Old!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wow! Time is really flying fast. Mia is already 2 months old. It is so fun to celebrate each month as she gets older, but the next few bring some increased anxiety. Mia is happy and healthy and I want to cherish each moment with her, but Richard and I feel like we have to hold our breath for the next two months. I pray they go as quickly as the first two and that Mia never feels our anxiety.
She has grown so much. I am guessing she is almost 13 pounds, but we will find out this week. She will not take the pacifier and has now started crying when I even offer it. I even tried a cheap one instead of her organic ones and NO Luck! Her hair is so funny. It is curly and unruly. Check out the picture of her and her dad below! She loves music and books and most of all being held by her Mom. It warms my heart, but I know it frustrates the rest of her family. She is smiling so much now, but we have yet to catch it on camera. Here are some of our most recent adventures...
Bath time fun. She is happier than this picture shows!
Rehearsal dinner for our friends Mark and Abby. Mia tried to be good, but ended having to make an early exit. She and I skipped the wedding. Congrats Mark and Abby!
Richard and Jill practicing their recessional walk. I am sure Richard looked great in his tux, but I missed it :(.
Richard and Mia with their similar bed head!
Mia in her 100 SPF outfit. She loves having the hat over her eyes when we go out. Also, another trait from her dad!


  1. she's getting so big! thanks for the new pics:)

  2. She is just so precious!
    I know these next few months will be tough, but remember God is with you every step of the way!

  3. We will be praying for you all!! She is absolutely adorable!!!

  4. I love the bath tub picture and the picture with the hat! I was going to say "that is soooo Richard" before I even read what you wrote (brings back some funny hat over eyes memories with you two!) You know we are praying for you so much (this is my month!) keep reading your cards and feeling the prayers encircling you each and every day. Pray over her everytime you have the urge to . . I did the same thing until Lainey hit 4 months (and still do but not as urgently). And then Aunt Jamie will make a fab cake for Mia's big 4 and celebrate!!! Cannot wait!

  5. She's so awesome! I can't wait to go to lunch and hold her again!

  6. I was thinking last night as I was going to sleep how fast the past two months have flown by! I know the next few will be hard, but I also know how faithful our Lord is!!!
    I love the pics esp. the last one with the crazy hair!! Tell Mia happy 2 month birthday from Aunt Mandy and Uncle Sam!!!

  7. Jennifer & Richard,
    Your precious angel Mia is adorable! Keep the pictures coming!! I was so happy to finally get to meet her. I can't wait to get to spend more time with her! I pray for you to have peace and calm through the next few months. I love you all!

    Steph H.

  8. Oh my word, Mia is so precious! I will continue to pray for you guys over the next few months. I pray you feel His peace and that He will remove your anxiety completely so you may enjoy your miracle! Much love!

  9. y'all are definitely in our prayers. Do you have the Angel Care baby monitor? if you don't GET IT!!! It detects there breathing while they are asleep in their crib. the best thing i EVER bought and it really really works!


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