Lilly's Memorial Fund

Friday, June 5, 2009

This is very belated, but we wanted to let everyone know what we did with Lilly's Memorial Fund. It took a lot of prayer and deliberation for us to know how to spend the money. Everyone was so giving and we really wanted to put the money to great use. We gave the money to 3 different organizations. They are listed below.

#1. Dallas Arboretum

Lilly has a year round pink flower bed for the next 10 years. We thought this would be a happy place for our family to visit, take pictures, enjoy the beauty, while honoring Lilly's memory. Here are some pictures of her flower bed.

This is a Christian Organization to help parents who have lost a baby to SIDs. They provide funeral assistance, educational materials, and ongoing support through the first year and beyond. It is a wonderful organization and truly fills a tremendous need during those early dark days.

#3. Westminster Presbyterian Church, Amarillo

The wonderful people at Richard's home church maintained the memorial fund and offered us tremendous support and prayer through this last year.

Thank to you everyone who contributed to Lilly's fund. Your gifts have been put to good use and will hopefully go on to bless many more families. God bless!


  1. What a wonderful way to donate the money. I love the flower beautiful!! Thanks for letting us know and sharing the pics!!

  2. The Dallas Arboretum is amazing. How special to have a flower bed there for Lilly. I can't imagine anything more fitting.

  3. Jennifer, that couldn't be more perfect. And that organization seems awesome too. Thanks for sharing. Love, j

  4. I can't wait to go see her flower bed in person, it's a fantastic idea!

    (I miss you!!!)


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