Long overdue updates!

Monday, February 2, 2009

I am so sorry for my extended blog-vacation. I have no other excuse other than my life is not too exciting right now. I am going to list off the things we have been up to, and you will see what I mean!

January Events:
1. Rang in the New Year playing rockband with Sherry and Trey. Aren't we crazy!

2. I turned 28. I feel more like 35, so I am okay with that number. My Mom, Aunt, Sisters and niece came to celebrate with me. Unfortunately, poor Baby Bennett got sick and ended up in the hospital. She is all better now, but it is a weekend we will never forget. Right girls?

3. We found out we are having a girl. (You guys already know that, but it is worth noting for January excitement.) No, we don't have any names yet. We seem to be stuck this time, we will come up with one eventually though.

4. My baby sister, Chelsi is living with us for a few months while she does her internship. We have really enjoyed having her around. She has so much energy and excitement for new life experiences. I find it really refreshing!

5. Richard and Chelsi are both accountants, so I don't see them very much. My evening hobby is dictated each night by Fly Lady. I find her to be inspirational and just a genious at managing a home. If you don't know her, you need to meet her!

6. I am getting really big! I am about six months pregnant and just today, I received the following quotes: "Are you sure there is just one in there?" (this is one of my favorites) and "Are you almost at the end?" I have no pictures to post to prove my point, but we are having photos taken in 3 weeks. I know that seems early for maternity photos, but trust me, any longer would have been alien belly shots! I have appointment on Thursday, so there will be more updates then.

7. I am continuing my organic quest. I really appreciate everyone's comments so far. I have been able to find some really cute things. I am also making my own cleaners and switching over detergents to natural products. Other healthy living changes we are working on include no shoes in the house, and opening door/windows more often. They are small changes, but I feel like they are helping.

8. I have really seen God working this month. He has brought a new couple in our lives. They recently lost their 4 month old baby girl. Our parents know each other from Amarillo and it turns out that they live really close to us. She is even the principal at the elementary school in our neighborhood! Please pray for the Martin's and for Richard and I to be able offer encouragement and wisdom as they go through this long journey. We also need continued prayer for peace as the delivery gets closer. We struggle daily with turning our fears over to God. We know he has a wonderful plan for our lives and he can see us through anything, but our hearts' desire is to have a healthy baby girl that will be with us on earth for a very long time.

9. Lastly, I am having to totally resist the urge to start tearing at some bad wall paper in my office. It has been several months since I have been able to engage my decorating bug and I have the itch! Richard, I apologize in advance if you come home to a mess one of these days. You really shouldn't leave me unattended!

Sorry for the long wordy update! I think that is all I have. I promise to post pictures going foward. I hope everyone is doing really well in 2009.



  1. What a great post!
    I'm glad to hear you are doing good though!
    My prayers are still with you and those you encounter!
    POst pics soon..I'm sure you look beautiful!

  2. For all those that read the comments. My wife is the most beautiful pregnant woman I have ever seen. She really does glow and I know she is pumped for baby Kiwi to be here. So please ignore her item 6. It's not true. :)

    Me working all the time is true. Have fun with the wallpaper.

  3. Jennifer~

    You don't know me but I have been a follower or your blog for a while. You two are an inspiration to everyone. I was recently blogging around and came across a poem that made me tear up, and although I have never met you, you and your husband and daughter came to mind. The poem is below on this link.


  4. What a fun year it has been for you so far! I am enjoying praying for your baby girl on the way!

    I would love if you would post the mixes for your cleaners and stuff that you are using? I love hearing about all the ways you are going organic!

  5. glad to hear all is well. sounds like you all have had a good year so far!

    just so you know it is totally normal to be nervous about the new baby, i was so nervous after Matthew passed away and i still constantly check on my kids while they sleep but i think God gives you this calming peace all at the same time it is sureal! i will be praying for you as the time continues to get closer it is a very emotional first few months, or at least it was for me

  6. Jen thanks for the update sweetie. Prayers and good thoughts coming your way each day for you, Richard and the new little one! Much love, Aunt Cyn

  7. So good to hear from you. I'm praying for you guys. You are on my mind.

  8. such a great post...we will definitely be praying for you and the health of your precious baby girl!! i think you should definitely start tearing the wallpaper down!!!

  9. Hey Jennifer and Richard! John told me about your blog so I wanted to say hi from Mark and I! We're so excited for ya'll for the little one on the way! Everything sounds like its going well, ya'll are always in our prayers! :) Much love!

  10. Love all your updates. comments 2- love that you are the "older and wiser" friend! Ha! I know there will be a time I get to enjoy being so young, after all the trouble it caused in college. 6- Ditto Richard you look great Jenn!! 8- That is awesome, I forgot to ask you more about them. 9- You have an addiction to house renovation/decor, thats okay, there could be much worse things, take me for instance food!

    Love you, j

  11. i found your blog from a friend of mine that just had a stillborn baby. i just wanted to say my prayers are with you during this pregnancy and the pain that you still feel from the loss of your little one. as a new first time mom i have a deep {and my husband says irrational} fear of sids. i seriously can not sleep. do you have any suggestions or things you would do differently with your new baby? i know that sids can not be prevented,nor is it ever the parents fault, but i would love to hear what you know now versus what you knew then.
    my prayers are with you,

  12. I think of you guys daily and I am so proud of you guys and your strength. You are an inspiration for those around you. Celebrate the spirit of love this week and know how much we love you.

    Aunt Heather & Paul, Maggie, Snickers and Ally (pictures of Ally coming soon!)

  13. It's time for more updates! I've missed not getting to see you all week.

    (I'm doing some seriously close monitoring of the tulips. Here's hoping for some gorgeous spring arrivals!)


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