Bennett's Big Top Birthday Bash

Thursday, December 11, 2008

We recently celebrated my beautiful niece's 1st birthday. It was quite the event in Joplin, MO and Bennett loved every minute of it! She is such a doll and has been a huge blessing to Richard and I this year. Her love of life is so contagious and has been good for my whole family.
Brittany Spear's Circuis had nothing on Bennett's! There were games, prizes, costumes and Beau even sang to Bennett.

Bennett loved her cake too! She ate most of it and was so wired the rest of the day. It was hilarious!
My parents gave Bennett the new Elmo and she loves him. Isn't her face adorable?
Happy 1 Year Baby B. We love you!


  1. Wow..that party looked amazing! What a set-up!!
    She looks precious with her Elmo!!
    Hope you are feeling good!!

  2. Great Party! Bennett AMAZES me with her talking, she is so smart!

  3. Hey Jenn! What a party to remember... and I love that picture of Bennett diving into her cake! What a creative idea and what an adorable niece you guys have. We hope to see you guys over the holidays and if not have a very Merry Christmas.
    ~The Smith Crew

  4. That was some first birthday party. Love the picture of her eating (diving into) her bday cake!
    How are you feeling?

  5. Thats an awesome party!...Wanted to say congrats on the soon to be new addition. I am so excitied for you. I know I am a litle late, but I dont check our own blog very often let alone others!

  6. She is so cute. What a great idea for a party!

  7. I noticed your ticker is missing. I am praying for you.

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    Our deepest condolences on your loss of baby Lilly, and congratulations on the new baby :)
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  9. Uncle Bob and Aunt Ney Ney, thank you so much for helping make that circus a special day for B. We miss you and we love you so much. We cant wait for the Jen circus in January. Dallas, LOOK OUT!

  10. wow...the decorations looked amazing! looked like y'all had fun. miss you...we need to get together soon.


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