1 Year Ago Today

Friday, November 14, 2008

My wife does most of the posting on this blog, but she is asleep and we really wanted to post something today, so here it is.

Lilly was born one year ago today. She was so perfect in everyway. Jenn doesn't remember a whole lot about that day, but as a first time Dad I remember everything pretty well. I cried a little bit today on the memory of when Lilly first curled her little left hand around my finger. Even though she was technically wrapped around my finger, we all know it was quite the opposite. She came into this world at 8 lbs. and 20 in. long. She was always sweet. She absolutely loved her Mom. She loved when I was silly and when I would speed walk with her, but when she needed comfort her Mom's chest was the only thing that would offer what she needed. She had the world's most beautiful smile for everyone she saw. There were countless times where you were not even looking at her, and then would turn to find her, and she would just be smiling at you. Unfortunately she had to leave us way too soon, but we cherish everything she left us with. First, our memories of every moment with her. Second, a new perspective on life - so many things that seemed so important are just not. Jenn and I will forever be changed and will cling to the things that matter and will fight for them. Third, a closer marriage - Jenn and I have survived and came out a much stronger pair than before. Finally, an appreciation for being surround with prayer. I got no fewer than 30 texts today from friends, family, coworkers, and mere acquaintances. Each message offering prayers and thoughts. The prayers surround us, they comfort us, they give us strength, and they give us happiness in tough times.

We would have loved to have been throwing the best, most pink birthday party a Dad could stand today. Instead, Jenn and I spent a great day together doing all kinds of stuff. Mainly we just spent some good quality time, and just continued going through life together. We were given one big surprise though. Sherry somehow organized with Mark Cuban, that’s right the Mark Cuban, tickets to the Mavs game tonight. It was a surprise. Oh yeah, when I say tickets I mean 4th row courtside seats. I think Dirk got sweat on me. The Lord works in very strange ways. Did I ever think he would bring my day up through Mark Cuban? I think you can answer that one for yourself. Mr. Cuban, thanks so much for the opportunity tonight. It truly brightened our day and will be a memory we will always cherish. We were huge Mavs fans to begin with (including 2 game sevens), but we will forever be fans and grateful to you for your kindness tonight. God bless you.

If anyone is curious what they could do for us or in memory of Lilly today and this week. We really ask you this. Pray. Pray for us. Pray for yourselves. Pray for your family and your friends. Pray for your neighbors. Pray for your enemies. Pray for our country and its leaders. Pray for forgiveness. Thank him for everything he does for us, gives us, and for the things we never see, but that he has a hand in. In my mind that is what would truly honor Lilly today. We’d love for heaven to be flooded with prayers in honor of her. I pray that God gave Lilly a celebration today, a celebration her Mom and I, though we would have tried, would never have been able to match. I also pray thanks to God. Though we are sad we are truly blessed.

To everyone that sees this blog. Thanks for checking in on us. We will continue to keep everyone updated. God bless.

I put some pictures of her birthday below.


  1. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
    prayers being said for you and all of your families. It is amazing the things that God allows us to go through that a person would never think they could handle but with him we do.. somedays better than others i know.

    i know that Jesus threw Lily the biggest birthday i hope Matthew got to be there, what a sweet day when we get to be there celebrating the lives that God allowed us to be part of if only for a short time. and may there memories live on to touch so many people as i know they have already

  2. What a precious post. I know, in her short life, she KNEW how much she was loved. Thank you for reminding me of what is most important. Praying...on Lily's behalf.

  3. Richard and Jennifer...you are always in our prayers...God bless you...you are right Richard about prayer...there is nothing better then talking to God. We love you Robin Happy Birthday Lily

  4. I am praying for you. I know that Lily had the biggest birthday party...one we will never be able to comprehend.

  5. Richard & Jennifer, we love you both and are praying always for God to continue to provide direction and healing in your lives.
    Happy Birthday, sweet Lilly. We all miss you. I can't imagine how beautiful it sounded for all of God's angels to sing "Happy Birthday"...
    Betsy, Bryan & Caleb

  6. I'm a stranger, but I've followed your blog for sometime now. I continue to keep you both in my prayers. May God continue to bless, comfort and give you peace.
    Arlington, TX

  7. Wow. That was a very wonderful and moving post. I really do wish you both the best that life has to offer and keep you both in my prayers!

  8. amazing tribute to your lily of the valley,your bright and morning star, I love that song and the thought of your Lily brings sunlight to our soul.We have not ceased praying for you.May the LORD of peace Himseif give you peace always in everyway.2 Thess,3:16 Love and prayers mambo and papa

  9. What a sweet post. Yesterday was a bittersweet day. It was a day of celebration b/c it was Lilly's birthday and, like you said, we know she was celebrating. It was also a day of saddness for those of us here on earth who still long for her.
    You both continue to amaze me with your words and your faith. You are a true depiction of "hope for the furture" that our Lord promises us if we just trust and lean on in Him.
    I was so glad to be able to read the blog and know that you had a special day together. I have been praying for that for so long.
    I know you both still miss Lilly more than any of us could possibly know, but you have allowed the Lord to give you a peace that only He can, and still allow joy in your lives.
    We love you both very much. Thanks for this post; it was special to read.

  10. Y'all have been in our prayers since the day we heard...and you will continue to be in our prayers. Thank you for the reminder of prayers...it is amazing what a little girl can do to so many people, her short life on this earth has touched so many people and me in so many ways. we will always continue to think about y'all. God bless...
    Keenan and Tiffany Hooker

  11. We thought about you all day Friday. We so wish we could have celebrated her birthday with her but I know she is having a pretty great time in Heaven. We love you guys!

  12. Even though we have never met, I think of you two often. My thoughts and prayers are with you and you two are an inspiration to have been through what you have and not be bitter people. You two are amazing.

  13. Thanks Richard for sharing with us your heart, hope and especially your memories. I remember what a special day Nov 14th was, I felt like the proudest friend-aunt in the world! I was in line to get my lunch when I found out Lilly was born and I started crying and told the lady at the counter the good news! I miss being able to celebrate this weekend with you all and her, but you are right. . . we can only begin to imagine the party in heaven she got to have! I thank God for you and Jenn. Thank you for sharing your faith and wisdom with all of your friends. We love you, Jamie & Nick

  14. Your in everyones thoughts and prayers...even the people you don't know who visit your page often. A special prayer for you, Jennifer, and Lily.

  15. We've been thinking about you guys this week. We will most certainly do some praying in Lily's honor.

    God bless you guys.

    The Howards.

  16. What a beautiful post.
    Prayers are going straight to Heaven for her right now!

  17. Richard, it has been such a blessing to stay in touch with you and Jen through the blog. I've missed the personal contact, but surely understand. You've both been in my thoughts and prayers this weekend as I know you are remembering that glorious day that our precious Lillie arrived. I continue to pray for you daily, but have spent my quite time this weekend with special prayers for you and Jen as you reflect on those magic moments that Lillie brought into your lives. And, I had much to smile about thinking of the time that I had with you in Dallas and the Lillie giggles I experienced in being the "goofy aunt". I am so grateful for the memories I have of your baby daughter. Thank you for the gift of that precious little girl and I pray that God will continue to bless you and those that love you with the gifts that he has planned for you. Be well and be blessed as our dear Lord continues to put things in your path that will help you endure his plans to have her with Him and hold her dear. I love you so much and will look forward to awakening tomorrow morning and starting my prayers with the two of you at the top of list. Much love and God's comfort in your remembering this incredible gift that he shared with us (even for such a brief period of time). All my love, Aunt Cyn

  18. wow...that was the most precious post. you made me cry. i thought about you and prayed for you all day on friday. you are both such amazing people. love you both.

  19. I have thought about you guys numerous times the past week. What a day of joy it was Nov 14th of last year. The day your life completely changed. Honestly, prayer is the only thing I feel I can do for you both. You both are truly amazing. Prayer will always continue.

  20. My prayers and thoughts go out to you. What a wonderful request! Prayer is the ultimate way to communicate with our Father in Heaven. Your request is one of unselfishness....it benefits all who pray and are prayed for. This is a beautiful way to honor Lilly! I have followed your blog since the passing of Lilly and have marveled at your strength! Your trust and love in the Lord is inspiring to all. It has certainly inspried me to trust in His plan more completely, without angrily questioning his will. I appreciate your willingness to share, with all who read your blog, your sincere heartfelt thoughts regarding the birth and passing of your sweet Lilly. Life definitely threw you a curve ball and the two of you graciously stepped up to the plate! Thank you for candidly sharing your inner most feelings with all of us. Love, hugs and prayers to both of you!
    Lyn :) (a friend from southern california)

  21. Hi Richard and Jennifer,

    This week I have been singing the hymn,"This is My Father's World" I learned the words last week.

    One of the verses has this line--
    This is my Father's world
    The birds their carols raise,
    The morning light, the Lilly white, declare their Maker's praise.

    Now I think of Lilly each time I sing this verse, the rest of the verse says-

    This is my Father's world
    He shines in all that's fair.
    In the rustling grass, I hear him pass,
    He speaks to me everywhere.

    "He shines in all that's fair..."this part also makes me think of Lilly.

    Praying God will give you comfort, peace, and joy throughout the holidays.

  22. I have been stopping by for a while now and have left a word or two. I noticed a few weeks ago the background had changed and figured something was stirring. I knew that Lilly's birthday was approaching from reading her page and your blog. I wondered how you all were though not knowing you I felt compelled to worry. I prayed for you and for the Lords healing arms to wrap you in His Grace. Take care.


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