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Monday, March 31, 2008

We are doing pretty well considering what the last month has been. We truly appreciate the love and support that everyone has shown us. It has made such a difference in how we are able to cope each day.

We want this new blog to be a way to communicate with our friends and family on how we are doing and the progress we are making. The goal is to keep it up beat and positive, but we also want to be real with everyone too.

We are finding new interest and hobbies. We are both reading more and working on our gardening skills (we are open to advice, because so far it is not going well). We plan on cooking more, and doing more pilates (sorry to tell everyone Richard). Our main new project is the house though. We are trying a new kind of therapy. Our pastor told us to find something we like doing and go do it together...so our house is going to go through a major transformation. I am going to try and archive the progress for everyone.

Richard put in a new front door yesterday with the help of Trey and Sam. He worked so hard and did such a great job. It almost closes perfectly. We are also trying to decide what to do with the exterior of our home, so take a look at the pictures and let us know what you think. You can vote on the left.


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  2. Yay for the new blog!

    Well, you know I have no gardening tips for you guys. You're the ones that come to our house to help us with all that!

    As for the house... I can't wait to see what it looks like with just the trim and shutters painted, along with the new front door! I think it will be fabulous and Richard will be happier not having to spend more money to paint the brick. We'll see!

  3. "it almost closes perfectly"


    Thanks for letting us see a little into your world. We love you and think of you and pray for you many, many times a day.

  4. Jennifer and Richard,
    Found you through a friend of a friend of a friend...anyway...I have been praying for you two and hope to keep up with you even though we have never met, as your sister in Christ it is so encouraging to see God use this for his glory.
    As for the gardening tips...I tried this last year, and let's just say it wasn't pretty. But, I am going to give it another go, and research things that don't require a lot of attention! :)
    Praying constantly...

  5. Jennifer and Richard,
    You don't know me and I don't know you but I heard of your story through a friend of a friend of a friend. I pray for you and your family everyday and I admire your strength. Stay strong in the Lord, he is great and glorious.
    -Kelly Raymond

  6. Hi Jennifer & Richard! We are looking forward to reading the new blog. We don't have any great gardening tips, but we did get some hybrid tulips at Home Depot that have done beautifully on our front porch!
    Good luck with getting that front door to close all the way ;)

  7. Jennifer,
    I heard of your story through a friend...Once I saw the pics I knew you looked familiar. I was sharing the story of Lilly with my older sister, Toni Sides. It then came together...you worked at the Shoe Zoo. I worked there for a little bit during the summer. Lilly's life not only touched mine but my surrounding friends. As I read the story I just wept...My husband asked why I was wepping. "I can't imagine how Jennifer feels loosing a child." As children of Christ God's heart aches for His lost and lonely children. It has opened my eyes to remind I am not on this world for me but to be a disciple of Christ to share the gospel. God's heart aches for His children. I pray for protection over your mind, soul, body and spirit during these tough times. I ask in Jesus name that His love will embrace you each and every day...May God Bless you...
    Stacy Ehle
    Fort Worth, Texas

  8. Jenn, You know my vote - leave the brick for now and then see - but I think the trim, shutters will look awesome! Nick is in the process of talking too the architect lady for you. Gardening - since I am the worst my only advice is from someone I know who is good - she told me to go to a good nursery (not just lowes or home depot) that will be able to coach you about the best plants to grow in your type of dirt and with the light at your house, etc. So that is all I got! Love, J


  9. I don't know you but I think of you often and offer you and Richard up in prayer daily. The road ahead is long and will be hard but through this blog, I can share your journey and know how to pray for you as your stages of grief change. I think it is great that you and Richard are finding ways to focus your energy in a postive way together. God bless you and may he continue to carry you along the journey.

    Prayerfully yours,

  10. It is sooo good to hear from you all again! No gardening tips from me. My husband is good at that, but not me! And don't paint the brick. Paint the trim, but leave the brick.

  11. Richard and Jennifer-
    I wanted to let you know that you have both been in our prayers continuously in the past few weeks.

    Take some time to yourselves and enjoy. I have to say, gardening is a great way to spend "quality" time together...at least that's what Cary says when he's carrying huge bags of mulch all over the yard.

    Cary, Kristen and Wade Howard

  12. I love the new blog! It will be so fun to see your home projects. You know that you both inspired my blog and I am really enjoying the "blogging world".

  13. I love the new blog and am so glad that you are doing it!!! I have had many people tell me that they thought you should so that people would know how to pray for you guys! And look at all the visitors you have already had!!! I thought I would be one of the first ones!!!
    I am glad I got to see a final picture of the door; Sam said it looked great and it really does!! I have never done gardening, so no tips here; we're in this one together, so if you get some good tips pass them along!

  14. What a cute house...I agree that you should paint the trim and shutters. Not the brick, it is hard to "unpaint" brick when you get tired of the color, you can always repaint the trim and shutters. The only tip I have about gardening, is that the plant and flowers really do need water...I tried without it, and somehow all I ended up with where dead plants. Funny how it works...

    Jeremy, Jenifer & Charcey

  15. What a great idea!

    My suggestions for gardening:

    Chia pets for herbs (also come in plain pots) - but, there is a problem: you must continue to water them for their survival. (you might ask how I know this?)

    A newer thing I heard about recently is doing the garden in a square box type thing - I think this helps to contain it and you may find you have less of whatever you have planted (which might be highly desirable if it turns out you have a green thumb and things grow everywhere!) I'm sure all of your friends would help you out with the excess, but, then again?

    Take care - my prayers and thoughts are with you both!

  16. Hi Jennifer and Richard....
    I dont want to repeat again -- LOL...but another one who doesnt know/know you. BUT! Glad you are you blogging and keeping us up to date with everything.....Looking forward to reading your new adventures!!!

    Gardening --- UGGGH.....no green thumb here...but keep the pictures and blogs coming!

    I already voted btw - paint the trim only.....


  17. Jennifer,

    You don't know me but I heard your story through a friend. I have been praying for you and your family and will continue to. Your strength is amazing and inspiring. God bless you all.

  18. That's a good lookin' Sawzall....

  19. hi! you don't know me, either, but we found you through a sister of a friend...of a friend? i don't know how many fences i jumped to get here, but we have been praying for your family constantly - your front door is so pretty!

    as far as gardening...miracle gro is GREAT! and...water is pretty important. as all my parched plants would be happy to tell you. =)

  20. I love the new blog. I am looking forward to watching the changes you make at your house. I will continue to pray for you and Richard.

    Jessica White

  21. Hi, I have cried and prayed for you guys. You don't know me but I heard about Lilly on the Nest and just watched her video. Thank you. I now appreciate my little life that I have SO much more. Lilly is a new Angel and watching over all of us now! What a beautiful angel at that!We will contimue to pray for you guys' strength through this time. P.S Good luck on the house my hubby and I just finished ours and it was a wonderful time of growth! and we know eachother better now ( on a new level!) Praying for you , Jackie

  22. So glad you posted pictures! That door is gorgeous! Good job Richard :)

  23. Hey Jennifer! You don't know me but i wanted to let you know that you and Richard are in my prayers. Your story brought tears to my eyes. Lilly is an angel in heaven looking down on you forever.

    p.s The house looks great. I love the door! Richard did a great job on it!

  24. Hi Jennifer,

    This is Kathy Spradley again. I signed one of the other blogs about your loss. We also lost a child a year ago last month. I wanted to pass on a book I read that helped me. I got it from another mom who had gone through the same thing a few years back.

    Heaven by Randy Alcorn.

    I think the house project is a wonderful idea. It is so important to be able to do things together. For us, we put together a fundraiser for SIDS research and will make it an annual event. I truly believe it was the main reason we were able to function...because we had something to do! I am sending hugs your way!

  25. Hey friends!!
    I am glad you have a new blog, I am excited to keep up with it! I say, don't paint the brick, just the trim!! Vince and I LOVE your house and don't forget to call us when you want help!!

  26. Hi Jennifer -
    I'm a friend of Amanda and Sherry's. I'm so excited about your new blog. What at time of marriage strengthening, not just the past, but remodeling your home! It was a communication builder for us to say the least. Praying for you! - Melissa

  27. My Dear Kids,
    I was thrilled to see the new blog. And, Richard, I think you did a wonderful job on the door (along with Trey and Sam). And I'm sure Jennifer picked it out, so applause for all of you. I will enjoy getting to watch the house project step by step. I am also amazed by your faith and your strength! You inspire and encourage me!
    The poem is beautiful, and really it says it all.
    Sorry I can't be of much help with gardening. All I can tell you is that anyone can grow geraniums - they love heat and sun.
    I can still come paint the brick -but think I'll vote on just doing the trim!

  28. Hi friends! Love the new blog! I obviously do NOT get my fingernails dirty, but I think you are suppose to put cow poop in your dirt? When we move into our barn, you can borrow some from us!

  29. Dear Jennifer and Richard,
    It's yet another person you don't know. I found your blog from Simon's blog.Simon's mom is a friend of an old friend of mine.
    It's amazing how circles of believers grow exponentially.
    Anyway, I don't have much input on home improvement; however what I do know is: Ivys are THE MOST hardy plants and they just make me smile because they are so tough and just keep on growing;
    Geraniums do well in pots on porches. Prune the dried up blooms
    to keep them blooming;
    Windchimes are a great additions to porches and patios.
    Guess that's all from the stranger in Round Rock.
    Lastly, yet most importantly, is that my family and I have been praying for you. Every night my two daugthers pray for you specifically- so pure and so faithful. No different than if yall were some of our closest friends. We are truly blessed by the bond of being in the family of Christ, even if our worldly lives have never met.
    May the Lord hold you in His Almighty hands as you journey on...
    In Him,
    Julie Barnes
    Round Rock,TX

  30. It's so good to see how you two are doing! I find your leaning on the Lord & each other a great example during this time! I think & pray for you often!

    Lots of love,
    Melissa Miles

  31. Hi - you don't know me but I found your blog through Amanda and I have thought about you soooooo much over the last few weeks. Lily was a beautiful, beautiful baby and I can't imagine the pain you are in. I'm glad you are seeking time with your pastor and working to do things together. I know a loss like this could be horrible for a marriage. I pray that you will draw closer together instead. You are in my thoughts and prayers EVERY single day.

  32. Jennifer and Richard,
    So glad to see your new blog along with the beautiful one of Lilly. Good to see that funny smile on your face Richard as you did your handy work on the door with your two helpers. The front door is gorgeous!
    Can't give you any gardening tips other than to put in a drip line system (usually attached to your sprinkler system)to all your plants so that you can have them water automatically. Chris did this for me and that way I can keep them blooming and not all withered up because I forget to water them.
    With what you both have done with your house so far it looks like your decorating ideas are far better than mine. Have fun and God Bless, Nedra

  33. My gardening tips are:
    1. either go to a nursery that will reimburse you for failed first attempts (aka dead plants) or
    2. start simple with easy to grow plants like pansy's, begonia's and/or herbs that are hard to kill and make a HUGE impact right off the bat. I also like small fruits and veggies like strawberries and peppers, pretty AND tasty.
    3. add some good new soil to the old stuff.
    4. as someone already mentioned WATER... too funny.

    oooh one more, banana peels are FANTASTIC for the garden. If you plant trees or bushes put a banana peel in the hole and the plant on top... works wonders!

    As for the house I am a HUGE fan of brick and wouldn't paint it just the trim needs some brightening up. Cute house though!

  34. You don't know me either, I found you thru a friend of a friend. Anyway not sure what state you live in but in VA I seem to have great sucess with Hollyhocks and snap dragons. In the spring I love tulips and crocus. Glad you are keeping busy and I am keeping you in my thoughts.

  35. Love the new blog! I don't have any gardening tips...sorry. I just hired someone to come do ours. How sad is that? I love your house though and can't wait to see what you guys do to it! We are praying for you constantly and hope you have a super blessed weekend!

  36. Gardening tips... well one big tip is to invite me over to get my hands dirty- I love to garden! Have you heard of the Dirt Doctor?

  37. You know....if you don't paint the trim, you're going to have a lot of disappointed people to anwser to....


  38. What a beatufil house....you don't know me but I found your blog through someone else.....i have been praying for your family and will continue to do say. Keep trusting God.

    Moriah Freeman

  39. I too am friends with Amanda w/ Baby Bangs. Wanted you to know that I am excited to read your blogs and glad you are still posting. I know a little bit about surviving curveballs myself. I also wanted to let you know that i have added your page to the Blogs I Read section on my page. Let me know if that is ok.

  40. I am still praying for you and think about you often even though we have never met. Love Jenny Williams


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